Friday, January 6, 2012

A Million Little Things

A new year is upon us and I'm sad to say that in the past month I've been rather lax in keeping up with my diabetes blog. However, I have had a day today. A day I'd like to share with you.

For the past two days my blood sugar has been running almost perfectly. I've gotten high predictor and low predictor alarms, but I hadn't actually had a high or low alarm in almost 36 hours. I have NO idea how it happened, but it did. Perfection never really lasts though. I think we always know that.

This morning I got up and took off to work. I usually don't eat breakfast until I get to work so it wasn't until I got there that I realized that I'd used my last test strip for my morning test. Strike one.

Okay, with steady blood sugars for nearly two days, I figured that I could make it until lunch w/ my fairly accurate CGMS. I'm set, right?

Wrong. About two hours before I was set to go to lunch, my CGM 3 day time limit was up. Which means I needed another blood sugar test to recalibrate. Um...uh oh.

So, I think I'll try my best to tough it out until lunch. It's only 2 hours and Lord knows I've gone two hours without testing my blood sugar before. Two hours is nothing.

Except when about an hour before lunch I started to feel low. Uh, oh. I can't drive home to get strips, so I check for a juice box in my purse...only to find I don't have one. Crap.

I make my way to the next cubical and eat a couple of handfuls of my co-worker's skittles. And wait.

By the time I got home for lunch, I'd rebounded to almost 200. And I spent the rest of the day being exhausted from the low, and somewhat sluggish.

Now having strips or even having the juice box wouldn't have prevented the low, or the rebound. But having one little thing go wrong is bad enough, but when it's a million little things it ends up being an extra hour at work on a Friday night to make up for all the work I couldn't get done today.

Diabetes can be easy. For about 5 minutes at a time. Something always comes up. A high. A low. A missing juice box. A needed reset on CGM. Sometimes they all come up at the same time.
Today was one of those days.


Karen said...

Ugh, that was quite a day!! I definitely feel your pain. Why is it that when one little thing goes wrong, everything decided to go wrong. :(

Lauren Nygard said...

Oh man! Sorry to hear about your day! I hate when things like that happen! Hope today is better for you! :)

kim said...

i hate days like that. we all know they're out there, just waiting, but we never really expect them. why is that?? hope things are back to "normal", and you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Also hate days like that, when it's one thing after another. Hope it all balances out soon, my friend.

Shannon said...

I can definitely relate. I have had days when I get to work, pull out my meter to test so I can eat the granola bar I brought with me ... Only to find that I have one test strip left. Ruh roh - I still have to bolus for lunch, and check anytime before/after to stay "even". You make it through and go on gut instinct when you have no other options ... it happens. :)

Anonymous said...

Had a day like that yesterday. BG would not budge below 240 despite corrections of as much as 5 units at one point. Testing like mad, running low on test strips. Then before dinner a sneak-up-on-me low. Today is better. Why? Who knows!