Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It's all over the internet today. All over twitter and facebook. Probably all over media outlets (I wouldn't know as I rarely watch television or pay attention to much news). The announcement that was hinted at yesterday, and release today from the Diabetes Research Institute. 

I won't lie. I had a hard time yesterday, after reading what was being hinted at. That four letter word that many of us don't even like to whisper. Because so many of us were told "5 to 10 years." and for many of us, it's been decades more than this. 

The first thing I did this morning when my alarm clock went off was pick up my smart phone and opened facebook. I knew the "announcement" would be there. I knew that it would already be spreading like wildfire. And it was there. And I watched it. And the ENTIRE time I watched it, I felt robbed. I felt disappointment (and relief, but I'll talk about that feeling later, in another post). 

Ninety percent of what was in that video announcement from the Diabetes Research Institute was information I'd heard before. The ten percent that wasn't something I'd read or heard before was simply an expounding on information that I already KNEW was being worked toward.

And nothing in it was actual proof that there had been any major breakthrough. Just information that they are working toward something that they feel is a good step forward. And then they asked for money. 
It went from emotional robbery to a whole different kind of robbery. 

I understand that the Diabetes Research Institute needs funding. I get that. I'm proud to say that I support several different fund raising programs that DRI gets money from and I've even donated money directly to DRI in the past. I am GLAD to help raise money to find a cure. And to advance technology and treatment in the mean time.

A fundraising announcement to help fund a different (or in this case, more advanced) line of research is NOT a major announcement. It's not a breakthrough. There's no need for an embargo until a specific date or time.There just isn't. 

I want to have hope that a cure will happen. But after 27 years of living with diabetes, I really don't know that it will happen in my life. I hope it does. But I am not sure that it will. And I've accepted my reality. It's all I've ever known. 

And while I'm terribly proud that they are continuing to research and making positive steps forward, I just felt like this morning's "announcement" might has well have been them telling me that mice have been cured. It's something I already knew. 


Mike Hoskins said...

Applause, hugs, and just all around DOC-love vibes. Tanks for posting this, Cara. It's how at feel exactly.

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

I posted this earlier at D'Mine...still feel this way. Maybe they should've made a soft announcement just for veteran t1s...? :-/

Tomorrow is my 30th diaversary. My parents were told a cure was 5-10 years off when I was diagnosed. I don’t believe I’ll see one in my lifetime. If there is a “cure”, I will put every kid under 21 in front of me in line. If there was a solution for the worry, the what-ifs, the highs and lows and the constant drain of monitoring – that would be a miracle. Not sure science is there yet. Sorry, I know it’s important work and I respect the DRI, but this is just another fictional mouse to me.

Anonymous said...

I used the unsubscribe link on DRI's email.

Colleen said...

Saturday will be my 8th d-diagnosis day. So, yes, I'm still a beginner.
I read Kathy's comment at D'Mine and it's my thought also.
"I will put every kid under 21 in front of me in line."

k2 said...

BRAVA & standing -O.

Jess said...

Yes. Just yes.