Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I took my CGMS off today, after my customary 6 day run. And nearly the entire 6 days was off. It was rarely right. That is unusual. I typically have close readings about 90% of the time. Not so with this past run. I know it was probably just a bad sensor, but it can be kind of frustrating at times.

I left it out today and plan to start over again tomorrow or Friday. Wish me luck. :)

My insulin intake is still averaging more than I would like it to, but I see the doctor next Thursday, so maybe we will make some adjustments that will help. I hate the thought of taking more insulin, but whatever I have to do to keep my blood sugars in check I will do.

On a side note, my baby sister (who's not really a baby anymore since she just turned 12) sang in her county wide singing contest and got 1st place for the sixth grade. She's so talented (and I don't just say that cause she's my sister). I am so very proud of her.

Sorry such a short post, but there's not really been a whole lot going on of late in my life, so I am just taking advantage of the peace. I don't expect it to last too long.


Donna said...

Hope you have a good endo appointment.

Tell your (baby) sister I said congratulations! That's so cool!

Donna said...

Hi Cara - It's me again already.

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