Thursday, December 10, 2009


I've decided that I MISS blogging. I miss my d-friends. I miss chatting with you. I miss reading your comments. Lately I've felt very much like the community it so large that I can no longer keep up with all the blogs I want to read. But, I am determined to try. And I am determined to make an effort to blog on a regular basis. Maybe not daily, but at least a couple of times per week.

So, this means changes. And I am very much going to need YOUR help. Yep, YOU. Whomever you are reading this. Yeah, I'm talking about you.

First off, I've decided to change how I blog. Diabetes is such a major part of my life. Of all of our lives. But, it's not all I am. I have interests and hobbies and a life that doesn't always deal with diabetes. I love music (though I'm not talented), theatre (though I don't act), reading, baking and cake decorating. Just like we all do. So, I am going to actively start blogging about things besides diabetes. I will blog about diabetes too, but I am going to blog about other things as well. I even have a semi-schedule set up. Although I probably won't blog daily, I plan on having days marked off for certain topics.

Mondays -Music. It may be what I'm listening to, what I've bought, or something I've read.

Tuesdays - Diabetes. You guys all know this one. ;)

Wednesdays - Cakes and baking

Thursdays - Theatre

Friday - Whatever I feel like! :)

Secondly, I need to update my blog itself. I want a new design. I am open to suggestions. If anyone has any tips, websites, etc. I want my blog to reflect me. Not just my diabetes, but every aspect of my life. And my personality.

Third - I need to update my blogroll. Badly. Many of the blogs I have listed don't blog anymore, or have moved sites. Or I have a name wrong. Or something. So if you blog, please drop me a comment w/ your blog address and name of your blog. Even if I've never commented on your blog before, I am looking to get back to the community and that means "meeting" the newer bloggers.

So, fellow bloggers, I'm asking for your help. Help me out! I miss you guys. :)


George said...

very cool and I like your idea of having certain subjects to write about. Very Cool!

My blog address is now

Jill said...


I'm here and I try and read...might not be able to comment as much as I'd like to but I'm always lurking :) Glad you've decided to blog about other things too. I LOVE seeing your cakes :)



You just create a wiget on the side and copy and paste the code in there and save it :) Then when you wanna change your background, you just delete and copy a new one. Hope this helps!

meanderings said...

Welcome back!

I'm going to enjoy reading on your "life" days!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the D-blogging world! I'll look forward to reading the various topics each week, and commenting when the time is right. So you have it, here's my info: The Corner Booth, at Enjoy!

Stacey D. said...

Good luck with your changes! I think it's good for all of us to blog about other things other than the D. I can't really suggest any sites or designs for a new look as I really only know wordpress. But here's a link to add to your blogroll - :)

JaimieH said...

haha I was trying to wrap my brain around this too and wrote down music mondays lol...wanted to do maybe a music video and lyrics to get the week started or something.... :) I try to keep up's hard!

Minnesota Nice said...

I think that because we are people first, we should freely blog about all aspects of our lives. If db just happens to be center stage, then give it the spotlight.
Otherwise, let the rest of it rip!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! It is also a good idea to have different topics on different days because our lives have more then just diabetes in them. My blog is

k2 said...

Welcome back- missed you like a million!
I love all your ideas and can't wait to read about all you have to write!

My blog address is:

Keri. said...

I like the themed days, and I also like the idea of not writing about diabetes all. the. time. :)

And I'm excited to see your blog update! I know a lot of designers do custom designs for Blogger blogs - what colors do you like??

Sarah and Sara said...

Hi Cara, my blog address is I keep a separate blog for personal use, although not many people use it. And it's not like I never blog about non-diabetes things on my actual blog. Glad you're back to blogging.