Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post on what I found out when I picked up my medical records. For the first couple of days I was so shocked that I didn't know what to post. Then Christmas snuck up on me and I spent the holidays busy and crazy all at the same time.

I'm hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. My Christmas was different this year. I spent the normal Christmas Eve with my dad and his family. We had a great meal, thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law. Things have been different with holidays in general this year because we lost my grandmother in May. But Christmas turned out good in spite of that. Christmas day, however, was a different story. Early in the week of Christmas, my little sister got sick. Within a couple of days, my mom and step-dad were also sick. Official diagnosis: FLU!

Thankfully, I hadn't been around them in a few days, so I had not been exposed. But I have not had my flu shot and had no desire to risk the flu. So, all of their Christmas presents still sit under my tree. And we are waiting, probably until this weekend, to exchange gifts.

But, I have wonderful friends who stepped right in. I had Christmas dinner at the home of one of my oldest friends (we met the first day of kindergarten!) with her husband, son, and both sets of parents. It was very nice and very wonderful. They are like my substitute family anyway, so it wasn't great to be able to see them on Christmas Day.

I also went with another friend of mine to see The Blind Side Christmas night. Personal recommendation from me: SEE IT! Fantastic family movie.

Now, back to the date. I picked up my medical records on my way to my endo appointment. At first glance the date says 6/15. June. Exactly when I thought. Not really paying attention to anything else, I was feeling kind of happy that I knew the date. Then I took the time to look at the doctor's name. It wasn't my childhood endo. Which made me start reading a little closer. These records were dated 06-15-86. A year after I originally thought my date was. And then on the final diagnosis, I realized it was the records from my tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Which I remember vividly as being AFTER I was diagnosed with diabetes. Mostly cause the Popsicles I got after the surgery were of the sugar free variety.

I started reading my records closer. On the second page it states "This patient is a 5 year old white female who has been a known diabetic for the past 4 months."

The past 4 months.

Four months from June is February, 1986. Nearly a year after when I thought my diagnosis date was. Apparently I was closer to 5 than 4. At first I thought the actual date wasn't on the papers. But in the upper corner of the first page there is a box that had been filled in that listed "prev adm date 2/05/86" and "prev dis date 2/13/86". I know that 2/5/86 is my diagnosis date. I was in the hospital for a week, according to my mother, and since the note that say "known diabetic for the past 4 months" narrows it down to February, that leaves 2/5/86 as my diagnosis date.

On one hand, I can't apply for my Joslin medal until next year. On the other, I have 8 months LESS diabetic damage and wear and tear on my body. I'll take the good over the bad any day.

Also, a few funny notes on my medical records:

"The patient was scheduled for T&A until the diabetes was found, and it was cancelled until this could be brought under control."

Urinalysis: 2+ (this might not mean anything to you newer diabetics, but us old schoolers know that's BAD!)

Hemaglobin 12.6 (Ekkkkk!!!!! This is what they considered "brought under control"????)

"The patient takes 17 units of NPH Insulin in the morning" (Wow. That's it.)

So, now you guys know my crazy story. I know my date. And I fully plan on throwing myself a diaversary party! :) Anyone wanna come?


Lee Ann Thill said...

Wow, it's so weird getting that info, isn't it?? That's crazy that the date is so far off from what your thought too, but I'll agree that 8 months less is a good thing. I can imagine it's a relief to have an actual date now too. Better start thinking about making some pretty cupcakes because only a month and change until your anniversary!

PS I hope your family is recovering, and I'm glad your friends helped make sure you had a good Christmas :)

tmana said...

Had to laugh at "scheduled for T&A"... made me think of "Dance Ten, Looks Three" from A Chorus Line...

Cheyenne said...

I just love you Cara! Your blog is awesome!