Friday, February 12, 2010

Phantom Pains and Diagnosis Dates

I've been off the blogging for a few days because I had company in town. Originally she was only supposed to stay for a long weekend, but it turned into a long week because she lives in the northeast and was snowed OUT of home. I loved having company, but it made it hard to find time and inspiration to blog. But I'm back today with two seperate topics.

First up: Phantom Pains.

You know how people that lose limbs to amputation will sometimes have phantom pains? Well, I have infusion site phantom pains. You know that feeling when you have a slightly sore site from your infusion set or sensor? Or you are right toward the time when you are going to be changing sites and it starts to get a little sore?

Well, I sometimes get those same feelings in spots where I don't currently have an infusion set or sensor. Like today, I have a sensor in my left thigh. It has been in the same spot for around 3 days. But my right thigh (where I had my last sensor) occasionally has a phantom pain.

And when I went to push on the area to see if it was sore from the previous sensor, it wasn't the same spot and the spot where the pain had been wasn't even sore.

I also have that happen occasionally with infusion sites. Do any of you have that happen, or am I completely weird?

Next topic: Diagnosis dates.

Last Friday I blogged about my celebration of my diagnosis date. During this time, I noticed several other bloggers who had diagnosis dates very close to my own.

Allison, Katie, Rachel, Kathy and Sara all have diagnosis dates within a couple of weeks of mine. I also have a friend who is not part of the online community that was diagnosed in February. I wonder if it is the time of year... with our immune systems so comprimised and sickness triggering it and all that. I suppose that could be a plausable theory. I'd like to take a survey of when people have diagnosis dates.
When's yours?


Katie from SF, CA said...

YES! I totally get the phantom set pains. I'll go to touch my set to see what's wrong with it, to touch nothing and realize my set is actually on the other side! So weird! And I think you are right - how could the winter/cold/flu season not wreak havoc on already weak immune systems! And my d-versary is Feb 7th... but I think you already knew that. :)

Queenie said...

I was diagnosed on Halloween and know a few others that were diagnosed around my diagnosis date as well. Maybe it is a holiday thing? I also can relate to your phantom pains - I only use my stomach for both my sensor and my infusion set and although they are on opposite sides, sometimes I touch a previous spot only to realize that it was last weeks spot. I think it is just part of everyday life on the pump.

Cherise said...

I get the Phantom pains in my arms, I try to avoid my arms at all cost. My d-anniversary is June 14;)

Anonymous said...

My Diagnosis date was in July 2006. I don't remember the exact date :)