Tuesday, November 4, 2008


That's what this country was built on. The fact that we could all be different and still have a voice. So, please, if you are a registered voter, GO VOTE! I early voted this year, so I've had my say.

No matter your beliefs, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, your voice is important. Don't let someone else speak for you.

Remember the line "A government for the people and by the people." Make sure your government is BY you!


Anonymous said...

I voted for the first time today.. it was so exciting!!! And then found out later that I've been approved for a CGMS, thanks for your suggestions along the way! :) -Seonaid

Cara said...

Congrats on the first time vote! It is exciting! My first election was 2000 and I remember how excited I was to walk into the voting location. :) I'm glad you made the choice. :P
And I'm glad to hear about the CGMS.