Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm not really on vacation. But I am spending the entire week at my mom and step-dad's house. They, and my baby sister, went to Missouri to see my grandmother for Thanksgiving. I opted out to be sure that my dad and other grandmother had someone to cook Thanksgiving dinner. And in doing that, I am dog-sitting for my mom and step-dad.

It makes my drive to work in the morning about 10 minutes longer, but that's not a biggie. It's just weird not having all my stuff around. And having to remember to get diabetic supplies to bring here in case I need to change a pump site, or a sensor, or whatever.

Any time I actually go on vacation, it's like a huge production. I have a list of all the supplies I need...not to mention the fact that I over pack in the clothes department too. After all, you never know what you might need.

I always make 3 lists, anytime there's a trip that would last more than 3 days.

List one = Clothes

List two = Bathroom supplies (i.e. make-up, hair, shower)

List three = Diabetic supplies times 2. (I'm always afraid I'll run out. Or have a string of bad pump sites).

Do any of you guys have a rule of thumb when it comes to packing diabetes supplies for a trip?


Lee Ann Thill said...

I don't have a rule of thumb per se, but I think I normally try to pack maybe an extra 2-5 set changes. I guess that works out to about double though usually. It depends on how long I'll be gone and where I'm going. Like if I have a beach vacation, I expect there's a higher chance I might have adhesive issues with the sand, water and sweat. For all my pills, I bring 2 or 3 days extra, and since I got a replacement pump in May when my warranty was up, I now have a spare pump that I bring. I'm pretty paranoid I guess.

Karen said...

Sounds like a "working vacation", huh?

I too am a consistent over-packer for everything!! And now that I'm pumping, I pack even more. Because I pack more than enough supplies for any pumping mishaps, and also more than enough supplies so I'd be okay if my pump broke or disappeared or blew up. Better safe than sorry, I always say!