Thursday, November 20, 2008

Up and Down and Down and Up...

Blood sugars have been crazy all day. I woke up this morning at 190. Did a correction bolus. By the time I ate breakfast I was 112. Dropped to 63 a few hours later. Drank a juice box. By lunch I was still only 79.
We had Thanksgiving at work today. Since I was only 79, I got my food and started eating. I ate for a few minutes and then did a dual wave bolus. 50% now 50% over the next 2 hrs.
After I finished eating, I was sick (I really try not to overeat, but it's so hard when it's Thanksgiving). After eating, I went back to my desk and I was not feeling well. I thought it was just my stomach overeating. After a few minutes I realized that I couldn't focus on what I was reading, so I knew it was a blood sugar thing. Sure enough, I was hanging out in the high 50s. I knew if I waited a little while it would be coming up (I had eaten a piece of my pumpkin spice cake = 60 grams). But being patient was not easy.
My instinct to panic eat started to kick in. So to ease my instinct, and still not over do it too much, I went and got a spoon full of whipped cream that was left-over.
Within about 30 minutes I was up in the low 100s. Much better.
Around 4:15 I was high. I knew it. My sensor didn't catch it as quickly as I did. Sensor said 171 and rising quickly. I tested: 202. Did a correction bolus.
An hour later, 273. Another correction bolus. Skipped dinner.
An hour after that, 138. Snacked a little. Bolus.
Currently hanging out in the 130s. After a day like today, that's okay with me.

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Jill said...

Ugh poor you! We'll just call you "Tigger 2". Kacey's still bouncing as well...from the 300's down to the 100's and then back up! Hope things level out for ya soon!