Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After Turkey....

My grandmother is in the hospital. She went in the day before Thanksgiving. There's nothing seriously wrong with her (we think), but the doctors are all on vacation so she has to stay until they can come back and do the procedure that they need to. So she will probably be in there until Tuesday.

It's kind of sad, since her son flew in from Texas to surprise her and brought my cousin with him. I hate that they haven't gotten to spend much time with her.

I did get to cook Thanksgiving dinner, although it was somewhat sad because my grandmother wasn't there. We wanted to take her some food, but she was on a liquid diet. :(

My uncle and cousin leave to go back to Texas tomorrow.

My niece, who has cancer, is also in the hospital. She is having another type of treatment done and has been in there for over a week and has to stay for another. Sadly, I can't even visit her over this holiday weekend since she lives in Michigan.

These are two of my family members who have had to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital. It makes me sad.

I have always hated hospitals. The smell funny and I have too many bad memories as a child with diabetes and a few trips with DKA.

The one thing that I do remember is the hospital gift shop. No matter what hospital it was, there was always a gift shop. And I learned, at a young age, the bigger the hospital, the better the gift shop. I had a knack for suckering my parents into buying me something from the shop any time I was in the hospital. In fact, my troll/bee came from a hospital gift shop.

Today, I was visiting my grandmother at the hospital and couldn't help but look in the windows of the hospital gift shop. I saw this cute little guy, and thought in the spirit of the holiday, that I would post his picture here. It's a nice thought from a not nice place.


meanderings said...

I hope your grandmother is home soon!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Sorry to hear about all that. I too hope that your grandmother and niece are both doing better very soon.

Jill said...

Sorry your grandmother is in the hospital :( Hope she makes a quick recovery!


Layne said...

Aww. I hope your grandma is feeling better soon. I used to hate hospitals too, especially the smell. Now I work in them and don't even notice it. Isn't that funny? :-)

Karen said...

Oh no. :( Being in the hospital is bad enough, but it's even worse on a holiday. I hope they both are doing much better soon.

Biggest Loser said...

Its not you dude hating that horrible smell. Hope your grandmother will be soon with you at your happy..