Thursday, November 4, 2010

Theatre Sadness

As most of you know, I'm a huge theatre fan. I follow many different shows and websites, and several months ago there was news on a little girl named Shannon Tavarez. Shannon was 11 years old and had played Nala in The Lion King on Broadway. She was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and was helping get the word out about lack of bone marrow donors, while they were searching for a bone marrow match for Shannon, herself.

They were unable to find a bone marrow match, but did an umbilical-cord transplant in late August instead. According to, Shannon had been in a children's ICU struggling to stabilize. She passed away on Monday.

Below is a video of Shannon singing earlier this year at Harlem School of the Arts.

A statement released by the family stated that they would "work tirelessly to carry out her wish through"

Some of you may remember that my own niece battled cancer. She is in remission now, thank God. But cancer is not just a disease of the old, just like diabetes is not just a disease of the overweight. I send my prayers to Shannon's family and I hope that her mission to help increase bone marrow donors will be very fruitful.

The world lost a light and a talent. I send my prayers to Shannon's family.


Scott S said...

I read this in the newspaper on Monday morning, It is indeed a very sad loss. Thank you for sharing!

Jamie said...

I had the pleasure of seeing the Lion King in Boston last winter, so this news is especially heartbreaking.

Allison Blass said...

That's so sad. I saw The Lion King in 2004. I wonder if she's the same girl. :( Very sad.

Karen said...

What a terrible loss due to a terrible disease. My aunt was fortunate enough to have found a bone marrow donor that matched and is in the last stages of her transplant recovery. I wish this little girl had been given a chance too.

Unknown said...

God bless her little soul...and the broken hearts left behind.