Monday, September 19, 2011

Dexcom Trial - Post 2

Post two. Last night I lost several hours of feed on the receiver. But I'm sure it was my fault. I hadn't charged the receiver and I think it was just having trouble picking up the signal. I charged it today at work and there's not been an issue so far.

Accuracy today has been about the same as MiniMed. They are usually all within 20 points. I am noticing a faster turn around time. When my blood sugar starts to move quickly (after eating, treating a low, etc) the Dexcom picks up the changes way sooner than the MiniMed. But when my blood sugars are fairly stable, they both are sending about the same results.

I had some questions asked of me in my comments on my last post, so I'll do my best to answer them today. Adhesive: so far it's okay. The very edges of the tape are starting to peel up though, and it makes me wonder if I'm going to make it the full 7 days. I tried to find some Skin Tac here in my (very) small town to no avail. I found something similar, but it was way, way expensive and not worth the money if I chose not to go with Dexcom. I figure I'll tough it out the best I can for now.

Reception: I, too, have to keep my pump and my MiniMed CGM on the same side of my body of the read gets lost. It's annoying at times, but I have a system worked out so that it isn't an issue for me. The Dexcom has a much better range. They tell me it's around five feet. I've not noticed the exact amount. If I forget it somewhere, I'm usually far enough away from it that I'd lose signal anyway. But I leave it on my nightstand and it doesn't have problems picking up a signal, even when I'm sleeping on the transmitter.

Some of the things that I don't like about the Dexcom are the fact that you can't scroll back and see previous readings. I'm used to being able to scroll back on the MiniMed system, so it is a little strange to me. I also don't like that there is no place on the Dexcom to check to see the next calibration time. I'm horrible to forget to calibrate so I always check my MiniMed before I go to be to be sure I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to recalibrate. That being said, I've taken to calibrating both the MiniMed and the Dexcom with my pre-bed testing. So it's not a huge deal.

Let me know if you have tips, questions, etc. I'm here all week! :P


angel said...

is it more inconvenient to have to machines? I think that is my only drawback to the dex.. i have a hard enough time with the pump. But if it has a larger range shoving it in a purse would work right?

Sara said...

Your comments seem pretty in line with my experiences. If you decided to go with DexCom, there are definitely some tape options I can tell you about.

Any thoughts about the somewhat upcoming Animas DexCom integration?

Anonymous said...

I love my Dex! I have nothing to compare it to though, so I might be biased :)
As far as adhesive, mine always starts peeling around the edges, but never goes beyond the edges. The part right around the sensor stays stuck. I just took mine off last night that I'd had on for 2 weeks, and it didn't look great but stayed on the whole time. Opsite flexifix works great though and I actually got it covered through my insurance.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I'm probably one of the only weirdos to switch from Dexcom to MM's CGM. But as you have stated, the Dex is faster at picking up readings with rates of change, but what I have noticed with me is that the readings are far more accurate once they do "catch up" than my Dex was. And wearing my pump on the same side as the receiver isn't that big of a deal for me since my tubing is long enough to reach to where I need it.
We need to google chat or skype sometime for a comparisons chat. :-)

Karen said...

I'm learning so much from these posts!!!! Dex loses the data when it goes out of range? I'd hate that - although I guess it makes sense since you don't have the option to scroll through your data anyway. On just those two points alone (not being able to scroll and losing chunks when out of range) I'd probably stay put with my MM. :)

April said...

I have the Dexcom - never have tried anything else - but I like it. I use the iv prep before I put it on and like an earlier comment the edges always come up but it never has come off. I am using it now on my thighs - outside and that's the best place for me - I have a hard time putting the needle in - that's about the only problem I have with it - you do it manually - so it takes me awhile to talk myself into pushing it in - lol

shannon said...

these posts are super helpful to me, since my daughter currently uses MM cgm but is interested in switching to dexcom. thanks so much for comparing them side by side and sharing the info here!