Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stress Equals....

Yesterday was the last day of the month. For some of you, this means not a thing. For me, it means major deadlines and stress.

And stress....well, that gets me this:

My top line is set to alarm at 170. And these are my last 12 hours of my day.

In conclusion, stress sucks.

The End.


Katie from SF said...

Amen sista! Stress does suck. I love how it says "HIGH" - 201. Like you didn't know that 201 is high. I think that would stress me out even more (the "HIGH") b/c I know when my meter says HIGH I am over 500. I hate how stress can do that to us. Hopefully things calm down quickly. ***hugs***

Karen said...

Right there with you!!!! Except for me, it's the double whammy of "vacation" (although we are home, Pete's still off so we're not our normal schedule or eating patterns) and "that time of the month". Ugh, hating all the high alarms I'm hearing!!

Brenda W said...

Wow, the revel looks really cool! I'm sorry about the highs Cara, hope that the stress goes away SOON! :)